ILO Convention No. 188 on Work in the Fishing Sector (2007), and Recommendation, 2007 (No. 199)

The objectives of the Convention is to ensure that fishers have decent conditions of work on boardfishing vessels with regard to minimum requirements for work on board; conditions of service; accommodation and food; occupational safety and health protection; medical care and social security. It applies to all fishers and fishing vessels engaged incommercial fishing operations. It supersedes the old Conventions relating to fishermen.

The ILO Convention No. 188 on Work in the Fishing Sector (2007) was adopted at the 96th Session (June 2007) of the International Labour Conference , with an overwhelming majority. The Convention applies to all fishers and all fishing vessels engaged in commercial fishing operations and it will come into effect once ratified by ten ILO member States (including eight coastal States).

The accompanying Recommendation No. 199 was also adopted with overwhelming majority. The contribution of FAO to resolve the problems concerning the crew accommodation issue was appreciated. The Convention provides for certain flexibility, such as a new innovative legal mechanism that will allow member countries to progressively implement certain parts of the provisions. It also provides for the right of port states to take action against foreign flag fishing vessels in their ports when the vessels do not comply with the requirements of the Convention.

The Detail of C188 – Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188) http://www.ilo.org/dyn/normlex/en/fp=NORMLEXPUB:12100:0::NO:12100:P12100_ILO_CODE:C188

R199 Work in Fishing Recommendation, 2007 http://www.ilo.org/ilolex/cgi-lex/convde.pl?R199